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Studio Brussels live appearance, TV transmission

A viewer's perspective, by Alex Scharff

I am from Texas and have never been exposed to any of starsailor's music, until a month ago. I am fortunate enough to have a high definition TV and on the 'INHD2' channel was a broadcast of a live performance of starsailor at Studio Brussel sometime in 2004.

I am the type who always likes to hear new music so I recorded the show for future viewing. Well, let me tell you I was completely blown away by this band! Superior musicianship and perfect vocals - the music soaring and longing - pure emotion, no fluff whatsoever.

Since viewing this concert, close to, oh 100 times, and buying both albums, I checked out the Good Souls web site and received the nod to submit a review of this live concert, even though I wasn't there in person. Music was Saved opened up the show and I was immediately captivated by how beautiful the band sounded and how incredible James's vocals were.

Next was Alcoholic which James sang with pure feeling. He seemed very laid back and somewhat shy during the show, although there were moments when he did interact with the band and the crowd in a very playful way. The crowd was small - 100 or so, but every person there was very much into the band (although I didn't see very many people singing along).

Poor Misguided Fool rocked the house while the drummer made James laugh during the song, but the most beautiful song of the night was next - Telling Them - James hummed along to the beginning instrumentals perfectly - moving me and sending chills down my spine. Love is Here was next - another slow gorgeous song.

The crowd's favorite song was next - Four to the Floor - James had the crowd clapping along and they cheered for a long time, James thanked the crowd 3 times, finally saying "Cheers". Born Again came next and it was gorgeous. At one point he had the crowd clapping along along encouraging them, "for those of you who are not operating dangerous machinery, or driving a car ... clap your hands" while he sang "I was born again, I was born again, not into the world they put me in ..." it was a religious moment indeed! Tie up my Hands was next and was sung with pure emotion with James wailing longingly, "I wanna hold you, but my hands are tied . . .".

The rocker of the the night was Silence is Easy which started out with James pounding his guitar as if the world was going to come to an end! The last song, (unfortunately, as the show was only 50 minutes long) was the phenomenal Good Souls which was awesome. The bass line started (you know how it goes) dramatically and then the keyboards came in hauntingly, much stronger than on the album. Unforutunately there was no encore but thankfully I have one of the DVR players and can watch it whenever I want.

The concert being broadcast in HDTV made me feel as if I were truly there - the sound was full and perfectly captured the live starsailor sound. I wish they would have played Lullaby and so many others but this was a life changing event for me. I had found a new band to get me through every dreary day, music that spoke volumes to my life, and gave me hope.

Thank you starsailor from your number one Texas fan! I wish this could be released on dvd or on a live cd so that all could experience what I did!

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