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Starsailor's answers to your questions; volume 2

 [Starsailor perform at the London Astoria in February 2003.] Page added April 2003.

These are Starsailor's answers to questions submitted from the form on this site between November 2002 and February 2003. A shortlist of interesting questions was sent to the band and they selected the ones that they felt inspired to answer. The answers below are reproduced verbatim from their responses.

?  Submitted by Vasso in Greece: Which are the things that inspire you the most to write music? Are you inspired by daily life, people around you, your experiences?
James: Life - the mundanities of life are inspiring. It is always a good challenge to make the ordinary seem interesting and exciting.

?  Submitted by Debbie Fellowes in Cleveland, England: To the Guys of Starsailor .... What is your fave smell?
James: Chicken (roasted or fried).

?  Submitted by Lorna Smith from Bolton in Lancashire: what type of venue do you most enjoy playing at?
Festivals are always good . . . good atmosphere, usually good weather, and it's always good to meet up with friends from other bands.

?  Submitted by Steve Gay in Chicago: what other bands are you guys listening to and do they influence your music?
Barry: Glen Campbell

Ben: Johnny Cash, Lemon Jelly, Polyphonic Spree

Stel: Damien Rice, White Stripes, early U2

James: My Morning Jacket, The Coral, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan

?  Submitted by Caroline in Ireland: Which part of the world, apart from your home country, do you most look forward to playing in when on tour and why?
Stel: I like America a lot. I think NYC is amazing. I've had some really good times there.

James: I like Scotland, and gigs in Germany are always great.

?  Submitted by Clare Jackson in Longridge, Preston, Lancs, UK: What has been your most embarrassing/awkward moment while on stage?
Ben: While walking off the stage in Brussels, Belgium, I managed to trip over a load of wires and fell on my arse. Gutted!

Editor's comment: Benjamin, it was jolly impolite doing that when I wasn't present with a camera, so please ensure I'm there next time you do such a thing, so we can all enjoy it! 'Boo

?  Submitted by James Mullarkey in Liverpool: I know they are all into Neil Young. What is their favourite Neil Young song and why?
Stel: Harvest Moon

Ben: Alabama

James: The Old Laughing Lady.

?  All submitted by K8 in the UK:
James, if you could duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
James: Bruce Springsteen or Dion. Bruce is the greatest live, Dion has a great voice.
Barry, why do you never take part in interviews?
Barry: I don't like the attention.
Ben, how did you get the scar on your forehead?
Ben: I fell down the stairs and hit my head on a radiator when I was six.
Stel, out of everyone in the band who do you think is the most Rock'n'Roll?
Stel: I'd say Ben is the most rock'n'roll, he has the most drink and girls. He is also ALWAYS the last one up at the end of the night.

?  Submitted by Jenni in England: On the album 'Love is Here', who is it that laughs right at the end of the album and why?
The laugh belongs to the producer Steve Osbourne. We were all doing harmonies for Coming Down and it sounded terrible, hence the laughter.

?  Submitted by Chris Williams in Stockport, UK: O.K., your label tells you they want a "covers" album (to rival that Duran Duran one!!) and you have to choose 3 songs each what is the track list for this masterpiece?
James: Vera Lynn - 'We'll Meet Again', George Formby - 'Leaning On A Lampost', Shack - 'Comedy'.
 [Stel and his special rainbow guitar strap]
?  Asked by 'Boo: Is Stel aware that some of the American fans think he is gay due to him wearing his rainbow guitar strap and is it true that this was a gift from the Mork from Ork fan club?
Stel: A few people have said that. I got that strap from a friend I was in a band with. Sadly, he died so I wore it as a mark of respect for him. I leave it at home now because I'm afraid of losing it.

Editor's comment: Thank you for answering that Stel, had I known the real answer I wouldn't have been so insensitive in my questioning. 'Boo

?  Asked by 'Boo: I've always thought I'd really like jazz music, but wouldn't know where to start, can Barry recommend something I might like, to start me off?
Barry: Try Miles Davies - Kind Of Blue. Other than that you can't really go wrong with some Chet Baker, Bill Evans or any of the Blue Note compilations.

Editor's comment: Thank you Barry, I knew you liked Miles Davis and I'll certainly check some of those out and let you know how I go on! 'Boo

?  Asked by 'Boo: Have they recorded any tracks on the new album in a state of undress, in view of the apparent fun they had recording Lullaby sans shirts?
No, but Stel used part of his body on one of the new tracks!

?  Asked by 'Boo: Did they enjoy the Parr Hall gig in December as much as the rest of us did and they certainly appeared to? Was it encouraging to get such a warm response to their new material?
It was one of the best nights we have had. To get to air a few new songs in front of a home crowd was great, and the reaction we got just blew us away.

With many thanks to the Starsailor boys for the time taken in answering the questions at a time when they've been very busy. Please also see volume 1 of Starsailor's answers published in December 2002.

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