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Starsailor's answers to your questions; volume 3

 [Starsailor on stage at the Isle of Wight festival 2003.] Page added June 2003.

These are Starsailor's answers to questions submitted from the form on this site between April 2003 and June 2003, along with invited questions from the message board, to be answered personally by Starsailor in their dressing room at the Isle of Wight festival on Saturday 14th June 2003. The photographs at the bottom were taken as they each prepared their answers.

?  From Morganna: By the time these questions will be being asked I will already have failed my driving test (10.44am eeek) can you wish me luck anyway please?!
Ben: best of luck, I'm sure you will have passed with flying colours.

James: Good luck in your test and if you fail, just get drunk and forget.

Stel: Good luck, but out of the band, only Barry drives, so don't worry.

Editor's comment: Well done Morganna, she passed her driving test! 'Boo
?  From Craig: Will you be doing a gig in Northern Ireland, after/before the new album comes out?
James: I'm afraid that's up to the agents, but I visit quite often so there may be a few impromptu pub gigs if I'm drunk enough.

Stel: We would love to as 3/4 of our relations are from Ireland.
?  From Craig: If you were approached by channel 4 or ITV and where asked to participate in either Celebrity Big Brother or I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which one of you would be up for it and which one would you do and why!?
 [They really did write down their own answers, click for a larger view.] Stel: I think Ben would be perfect.

Ben: Neither, I don't believe in reality game shows.

Barry: None

James: We would prefer to do neither, but if we were forced, Big Brother because it's cleaner and you can escape easier.
?  From Bobak the polar bear: As an avid board visitor, I have still never been able to see you guys live....would it be frowned upon if a polar bear were to turn up at one of your gigs?
Stel: If you turned up as a polar bear you'd be guaranteed free entry.

Ben: No, it would be bloody brilliant!

James: If you come in a polar bear costume, you can get in free, but bring all your relations as well and you must also be accompanied by a penguin.
?  From jacky farrer: What do Starsailor have planned for the summer?
James: Festivals in the UK (IoW), Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands and various other European destinations, plus a small Japanese tour. Oh and the US will be on the cards.

Stel: Look at the web site dates.

Barry: touring.
?  From jacky farrer: Which do you prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?! (books and films) * thought that was quite appropriate for this board!
James: Lord of the Rings

Barry: Lord of the Rings

Ben: Lord of the Rings

Stel: Lord of the Rings
?  From jacky farrer: do you have a favourite song to perform?
Barry: Four to the Floor

Stel: 4 to the Floor

James: I love playing Tie Up My Hands

Ben: Love is Here (although we're not doing it today).
?  From jacky farrer: what is the strangest thing a fan has ever said or given to you?
Barry: A child's book called Barry the Bear (I still have it)

James: Japanese fans give you biscuits, sushi and small towels!

Stel: A pair of briefs.
?  From jacky farrer: if you could take one thing with you to a desert island what would it be?
James: A guitar (I'd stick a picture of my fiance and my baby on it!)

Stel: Fags.

Ben: I-Pod (MP3 player) with loads of different albums on it.
?  From joeyolop: I would just like to know who their Idols are in the World - people who they really admire. I know they have said things about who they admire musically, but do they have any other people who give them inspiration?
Stel: Roy Keane.
?  From Elaine B: Who took the longest to recover from Soccer 6? Any injuries sustained?
Stel: Yes, we were all struggling.

James: Stel had a limp for some weeks after!

Ben: All of us!
?  From Elaine B: Which one of you has the special powers? Things seem to happen to people who have a go at Starsailor (Ash coach crash, Noel Gallagher car accident, Liam Gallagher teeth knocked out) coincidence???
James: Barry has a magic ginger rug.

Stel: We are all witches.

Barry: No comment.
?  From Elaine B: If starsailor disbanded today, which band would each of you like to ring you tomorrow and say 'Come and join us'?
Stel: Starsailor reunion.
?  From Debbie: And if you were a Super-Hero what would your special power(s) be? . . . and what would you be called?
Stel: X-ray eyes to see through any dresses.

James: To fly.

Ben: To turn invisible (figure it out).
?  From Ray in the US: I love the keyboard tones on "Love is Here" (the whole record) and particularly on "Fever." What kind of keyboards/accessories does the band use?
Barry: Hammond organ/grand piano + Wurlitzer piano.
?  From matt lester: If there is one song in history that you wish you'd written, what would it be and why?
Barry: I Wish / Stevie Wonder

Stel: Blackbird by the Beatles

Ben: Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell). It's just one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

James: A Day in the Life by the Beatles.
?  From Jill in Philadelphia, USA: At what moment or on what occasion did you come to the realization that you are indeed famous and your music is known worldwide?
Ben: I'm not famous, nobody even recognises me.

Barry: Being tired from touring.

Stel: When we were on Top of the Pops
?  From Natalie Macdonald in Scotland: Is it easy being as georgous as you all are???
Barry: Ha ha ha!

Stel: We would like to be prettier.
?  From Boo: After recent press reports of pumpernickel, spreadable cheese and squirty honey, can you confirm if these are in the Starsailor rider and are there any more interesting items in the rider?
James: These are all requested by the crew, we are left with just one beer and a bag of crisps each.

Ben: No, it was all just paper talk.

Stel: No, that's just a joke.

Barry: Don't even know what pumpernickel is, but most of what we get is standard at gigs.
?  From Boo: Are you going to be playing any of the new tracks here today?
Barry: Yes.

Stel: Yes, 4 to the Floor, Music Was Saved, Telling Them, Silence is Easy.

Ben: Yeah, 4 or 5 new tracks.

James: Yes. Telling Them, 4 to the Floor and Music Was Saved.
James thinking about his answers.  Ben deep in concentration.  James finished first and checks what everyone else is putting.  Ben and Stel concentrating on the task in hand.  Barry thinks carefully before committing to paper!

With many thanks to Starsailor and their management for allowing me the access and their time to answer the questions personally when they were preparing for a gig. Please also see volume 1 of Starsailor's answers published in December 2002 and volume 2 from April 2003.

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