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Starsailor's answers to your questions; volume 4

Page added June 2004.

These are Starsailor's answers to questions submitted from the form on this site. A shortlist of interesting questions was sent to the band and they selected the ones that they felt inspired to answer. The answers below are reproduced verbatim from their responses.

?  From Sarah in Manchester: What's the best venue you have ever played at? Are there any venues you did not enjoy playing?
(There are a lot of variants on this, which gig did you enjoy most/least, which was funniest, did anything weird happen etc. Boo)
Baz: Twickenham

James: My favourite venue is Brixton Academy. The best laugh is a toss up between playing at our mate Dave's pub or playing on a beach in Turkey.

Ben: My favourite venue in the UK is London Astoria, but I've got a soft spot for Manchester Apollo. In the States, it's the Fillmore, San Francisco.

Stel: Fillmore, San Francisco.
The Strangeways?   A beach in Turkey perhaps?   Or maybe the London Astoria? What about closer to home at the Manchester Apollo?
?  From Linda Paterson in Edinburgh: Are any of you superstitious and do you have to do certain rituals before each gig?
Baz: spliff followed by group hug

James: Change shirt, go for 5 pisses.

Ben: put on my lucky drum shoes.

Stel: group hug

?  From Lambchop in Glasgow: You're on the tourbus and there's a CD stuck in the stereo, so you're stuck with it for the rest of the tour. Which would be better; Nickleback or Toploader?
Baz: Toploader

James: Toploader, if I was forced to choose.

?  From Alejandro Piña in Jalisco, Mexico: Hi, well I would just like to ask James something. How do you manage to sing such high and throat ripping notes? In other words, what do you do before singing? How do you manage to stay in those notes through all of a concert?
James: I drink ginger and honey, and I make sure I have no alcohol or dairy products before a show.

?  From Jill in Philadelphia, USA: What was the most creative/cruel/interesting way you've broken up with someone you were dating?
Stel: Asked my manager to do it!

Editor's Comment: Mr. Stelfox, you and I are going to have to have words about how to treat a lady. Because that's not it!

?  From nick in NYC, USA: This is a question specifically for Barry. I would absolutely love to know about his keyboard playing techniques and such. I would like to know about his drawbar settings, in terms of what settings are best for different kinds of sounds? Barry at the Liverpool Barfly, March 2004. I would like to know if he uses any other organs besides his Roland organ synth he uses live (I would especially like to know if he ever uses a B3 in the studio)? I would like to know if he uses any pedals for his keyboards?
Baz: Live, I use a Hammond C3, but I often use a B3 in the studio (like on 'Fever'). Drawbars just need to be experimented with. As for pedals, I use tremolo and sustain (no bass pedals).

?  From Ange in London: If you could be any character from any film, who would it be and why?
Baz: Michael J Fox in 'Back To The Future'.

Stel: Hans Solo in Star Wars - cool as fuck.

?  From Fiona in Northern Ireland: To all the guys, what were your childhood dream jobs?
This is a popular question submitted often.

James: Play for Liverpool

Ben: drummer in a band

Stel: bass player / footballer

Ben's drum kit at the Isle of Wight festival in 2003. ?  From Nick in the UK: Ben, being a fellow drummer, I must congratulate you for your work on Silence Is Easy. In every song on which you appear you do a great job in creating drum parts that compliment the rest of the track. Can I ask you what gear you used for the recording for the album ?
Ben: I use a Pearl Masters custom kit, Zildjian cymbals and a Ludwig Black Beauty snare.

?  From Melissa C. Mel-low! in Mexico: As I am studying film, I would like to know what your favourite movies are and why.
James: Midnight Cowboy (great soundtrack, really good acting), and A Room For Romeo Brass (dark comedy with a feel-good factor x 10!).

Ben: Goodfellas (I never tire of watching you).

?  From Daizy in Bath: I'm a big Jeff Buckley fan and know that he has a place in your hearts. If you can possibly choose, what's your favourite Buckley track? (I adore Lover, you should have come over)
James: Last Goodbye

Stel: Eternal Life

?  From Veerle in Belgium: Who is the most interesting person you met so far?
James: Kenny Dalglish / Phil Spector

Ben: Brian May

Stel: Spector

?  From Lambchop in Glasgow: Another message board contributor and I have a bet about who would look the best in a pair of high heels and a nurses uniform. So: who would look the best in a pair of high heels and a nurses uniform?!?
All: Stel!

Editor's comment: Thanks for that nightmare image. Do my expenses cover therapy?

?  From Bobak the polar bear at the North pole: Hello again lads! My son marvin is only a young bear, but he thinks of Ben as his hero. He's trying to learn the drums - however it's very hard to hold drumsticks when you have such furry paws. Ben, how long have you been playing? Did you ever throw a tantrum when you couldn't manage to play something? And can you give any words of encouragement to marv, as I fear he is going to give it all up!
Ben: I've been playing for 16 years. Tell Marv to keep at it!

?  From April Pastorius in Melbourne, Florida: This question is for Stel . . . I read in an interview that you are a fan of my uncle, Jaco Pastorius. Are there any current bassists that you particularly enjoy?
Stel: You mean apart from myself?! I like Chris Wolstenholme, Muse's bassist, and Flea from the Chili Peppers.

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