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Starsailor's answers to your questions; volume 5

Page added June 2005, questions answered at IOW 05.

 [Mark Collins and Stel consult on the answers. ]These are Starsailor's answers to questions submitted from the form on this site. A shortlist of interesting questions was taken to the Isle of Wight Festival 2005 and presented to the band and they selected the ones that they felt inspired to answer. The answers below are reproduced verbatim from their responses. Mark Collins (Charlatans) had accompanied them on their set and gamely agreed to answer a few too, pictured right with Stel.

?  From Celtman in Bradford: As you often play the odd cover song in your set, have you ever thought about releasing an album of just cover versions?
Ben: It would depend if we were doing any Queen covers.

James: Maybe further on down the line as a stop gap. But not for another 5 years at least.

Stel: Not really. Playing them live is great, but an album full of them may be a bit much.

Barry: No.

Mark: No.

?  From C.J in Fareham, Hants: If you joined the Starsailor MB as a fan, what user name would you use and why?
James: Pool Sailor

Stel: The voice from below

Mark: Hello Sailor

?  From mojopin on the Isle of Wight: On the front cover of the FTTF single there appears to be 5 pairs of shoes, whose is the extra pair and is there a story behind them?
Ben: They were mine because my feet smell so bad.

James: I can't honestly remember, maybe a spare pair. Sorry!

Stel: (Editor's comment: Stel didn't subsequently answer but there was some discussion about the fact that they were playing football in preparation for Soccer Six, the following week, between shots and he suspected they were from someone in the crew with them who was also playing football. Boo).

Mark: Don't know.

?  From Paul in Germany: I'm Paul from Germany. We met you in Stuttgart and Berlin 2003. I told you about the bad offical german web page. It's still not better and that's why we create a own page at We just like to know if you have seen this page. If not, you're always very welcome?
James: We will certainly take a look. Sorry about the official one.

?  From Jewel in Belgium: When you are on stage, are you always looking into the audience to see if there are fans that you've seen before?
Ben: No. I can't see that far without me gigs (glasses).

James: It's hard work at a festival, but you can recognise a few faces at smaller gigs.

Stel: Yes. There are a few faces I recognise.

Barry: Sometimes between songs.

?  From Jewel in Belgium: Do you all chose your own clothes that you wear on gigs, or does anybody else does this for you? Personal shopper? Wife? Boo? :-) (She clearly hasn't seen how I dress. Boo)
[No style gurus on the Starsailor team then?] James: It's all our own work! My wife will say if she thinks something is ill fitting.

Barry: We wear our own clothes, just casual wear.

?  From Jewel in Belgium: a) If you play on a festival, do you like the most to be on main stage or in a smaller tent or stage? b) Do you prefer to play in the afternoon or evening? c) Do you watch other bands too before or after your gig?
 [It all depends on Barry's mood.] Ben: a) Doesn't matter. b) Evening. c) Yes.

James: a) Main stage or headling a smaller stage. b) Evening. c) Yes always, saw Embrace, Snow Patrol and R.E.M. at the Isle of Wight.

Stel: a) Smaller tent for the vibe. b) Late evening. c) We always try to catch other bands.

Barry: b) It's nice to play in the evening, but the afternoon is also good, it just means you get more pissed. c) Depends what mood I'm in.

Mark: a) Main stage. b) Night time. c) No.

 [Mark Collins and Stel in the Starsailor dressing room answering your questions. ] ?  From Emma in the UK: Some time ago on the MB we had a thread about the movie version of the board and who would play us all. We were all stumped as to who should play Stel, so who do the rest of the band think should play him? We had Damien Lewis for Barry (the only ginger we could think of), Joaquin Phoenix for James (they look so alike!) and Ralf Little for Ben (although I protested as he's too weedy).
(Editor's comment: There was a huge amount of discussion on this matter, resulting in me getting slapped for my own suggestions and no real conclusion being drawn. Bagsie Rene Russo! Boo)

Ben: I've heard that one before!

James: What about John Simm?

Stel: Stan Laurel (but, isn't he dead?).

Mark: Johnny Vegas.

?  From Boo, on the Isle of Wight for the day: Is there a technical reason why band members tend to take up particular positions on stage - for example, the bass player is almost always on the right of the stage - left to the audience?
James: No.

Stel: Superstition, we are all very superstitious.

Barry: Habit.

?  From Moomintroll in angleterre: Hello! My question is, what place would you want to be if you could be anywhere at all, other than on stage of course!
James: Anfield!

Stel: On Manchester United's pitch, up front.

Mark: Bed.

?  From Emma in the UK: I really love the artwork on your albums and singles. How much input do you have into the designs and where do the ideas come from?
James: We work along with the design company.

?  From Breda in Ireland: Hi guys, do any of you have a recurring dream. If so what is it?
Ben: No.

Stel: I always have a dream about prison. It's horrible.

?  From Paige in the US: What bandmembers' habits annoy each of you the most when you're on tour? (There were several variants on this about who has the worst habits etc., it's a recurring theme. Boo)
 [He's always seemed very fragrant to me.] Ben: Barry, for picking his nose.

James: Ben's feet!

Stel: Ben stinks, Barry whinges, James is weird.

Barry: Ben itching his feet, with a horrible smell to them.

(Editor's comment: I'm noticing a pattern emerging here. Boo)

?  From Breda in ireland: What's the most damage you've ever caused in a hotel room and why?
Mark: I damaged my kidneys last night.

?  From Sandra in Argyll in Scotland: Do any of the band have tattoos that we can or cannot see?? And if so, did they get them while under the influence, or sober?
James: Stel has got a red devil. (Ben and James are ashamed).

Stel: Yes, I have a devil on my lower stomach.

Barry: Stel has a little red devil on his stomach. The girl.

?  From Caroline in Dublin: Music videos, pain in the arse or loads of fun?
Ben: Pain in the arse.

James: Bit of both.

Stel: A bit of both, depends on the artist.

Mark: Pain.

?  From Eileen Kitagawa in the USA: I want to know if you know where my CD is. I have a Starsailor CD, however, it has been missing for a few months. Any clues?
James: Back of the sofa?

Stel: In the fridge?

?  From Jackie White in Chigwell, Essex: I had the worst hangover after your gig at the Astoria on 25th May, and I was wondering what your favourite hangover cure was? - mine being a bacon butty !!!
Ben: McDonalds.

James: Full English breakfast, or nuts.

Stel: Coca-cola, it settles the stomach.

Mark: Hair of the dog.

?  From C.J in Fareham in Hants: What drink do you want? I'm buying!!!!
Oi Stelfox, no cheating!  Ben: Vodka, orange and cranberry.

James: Chablis.

Stel: A pint of Stella.

Barry: Vodka Coke.

(Editor's comment: Ben doesn't seemingly need one, judging by the stains and splashes on his answer sheet. Boo)

?  From Iris in Germany: Imagine I was your good fairy and each of you got 3 wishes for free. What would you wish?
Stel: To fly, to play football for United and to be a king in bed.

?  From Jo a.k.a. I Am kloot: Every month a new band in Great Britain will be discovered, but not every band will survive. What do you think a band must have to survive in these times?
Ben: Be honest, have fun and always have a good time.

Stel: It all comes down to good songs.

Barry: Eye of the tiger.

?  From Maggie in the US: If you would get a manicure/pedicure, which colour nail polish would you choose?
Stel: Black.

?  From Maggie in the US: Is Starsailor sublimally attacking an innocent public with your entrancing lyrics and instruments to ultimately conquer the world?
Stel: Yes. That's the plan!

?  From Caroline in Dublin: Who do you reckon are the most irritating band of all time?
James: Red Nex!

Editor's post script: Some answers that arose through the verbal deliberations:

  • "Ha, hardly, but he has the ears of a donkey!"
  • "I wish. Who said that?"
  • "Not Ben, have you smelt his feet, they ming."
  • "Come over here Boo, you're asking for a slap, I thought we were friends."
  • "I would, but he picks his nose"
  • "Give us a kiss Barry, I'm feeling the ginger love already."
  • "You can't blame the ladies liking Barry, I fancy him myself". "Me too."
  • "Gosh it's quiet in here, you can hear their brains ticking over."
  • "You'd think they were sitting their GCSEs with this level of concentration."
  • "Come on Barry, you can think up a better answer than just 'no' . . . let's have a look at the question . . . no, you're right, the answer is 'no'."
  • "A Starsailor movie, don't be ridiculous, no one would pay to see that!"

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