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Starsailor Artwork

The 'sketches' immediately below were created electronically from photographs taken by 'Boo at the Rock Island concert at the Isle of Wight Festival in June 2002. The backgrounds were masked from the images and the required section of the image was selected with a feathered edge for softness and various manipulation techniques applied to reduce the colour photograph to a monochrome 'sketch'.

Barry in sketch form.  Ben in sketch form.
James in sketch form.  Stel in sketch form.

A new 'sketch' working of a photograph taken at Parr Hall in Warrington in December 2002. The original photo, taken in full colour was converted to black and white and the surrounding stage areas made into a sketch and then blended carefully with a selected photographic area in the centre. You can click the sketch below to see a larger version, use your browsers 'back' function to return here.

Ben on stage at Parr Hall, click for a larger view.

© 'Boo. 2002 and 2003. All rights reserved. E-mail:

Betina's Sketch of James

Betina's sketch of James Walsh.

In July one of the posters set an informal art 'competition' on the official Starsailor message board, I think it sort of dissapeared with the arrival of the new MB. There were no winners but a few entries. I decided to draw a picture since it was my summer holiday and I had nothing better to do. This was my entry.

I printed out a small picture, marked the dark parts with a pen, and drew only the shadows on his face/jacket when I made it into A4 size. I have made more drawings of other artists since, and they can be found on my web page.

© Betina. 2002. All rights reserved. E-mail Betina

Jacky's Starsailor Sketches

Jacky's Starsailor sketch.

Starsailor are one of my most favourite bands and I have always loved art so I thought it would be fun to do some drawings of them. I printed off two small pictures I wanted to draw from as a guide from the Internet and then created my own larger versions of them. The first one of the whole band is a pencil sketch but for the second one I drew James in pencil before using charcoal and chalk pastel to create the mist around him. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts or comments.

Jacky's atmospheric sketch of James Walsh.

© Jacky. 2003. All rights reserved. E-mail:

Valli's Sketch of James Walsh

Valli's pencil sketch of James singing.

I made this drawing of James during some winter holidays, because I was bored, and it was the only good way to kill the boredom that I found. I drew James and colored the whole drawing with a pencil, except for the heavy shadow (the kind of mist drifting around on stage), I used charcoals for that. I made it into a A4 size. I found the original picture in a French magazine, but it can be found on the Starsailor site as well. I loved the original picture a lot, because first, I love the way it was taken from below and then I found that the mist added some mystery to it. It is also kinda funny that Jacky and I did the same picture around the same time!

© Valli. 2003. All rights reserved. E-mail:

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