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‘4 To The Floor’;
Clare J, Lyrical Lou, Parry and Renny.

Parr Hall, Warrington, 13th December 2002. Report and photographs by Clare Jackson.

News had spread throughout the land of a long awaited Coming. Preparations were made so that they could behold this gift. The path was long and perilous; they travelled from afar in anticipation of this wondrous sight. Finding warmth and shelter in a modest inn, meeting like-minded travellers from afar. Conversations were joyous and the ale flowed freely, the excitement mounting.

All at once they set off into the dark of the night with Frances their trusty guide lighting the way. They battled through the cold of that December night, when at last they reached their destination with gladness in their hearts. They settled in their chosen places hoping to catch a glimpse of these Heavenly beings, who were coming to spread the Word.

The wait was long and they felt weary after their journeys but many travellers proceeded to the very same place, all here to rejoice when the Word was spoken. The tensions became almost unbearable, as the night grew long.

  One of the Heavenly beings played out his message.  From the Heavens they descended. The Four Heavenly beings bearing the Word had travelled into that cold December night following the bright star until they had reached the lowly stable. The travellers were overcome with emotion upon witnessing such a wondrous sight. The Heavenly beings were received openly into the traveller's hearts. The Word was spoken and the Word was Starsailor.

The first Heavenly being James foretold, “This would be the best night of our lives”. Many a soul was lifted on receiving his Word. The travellers listened with intent to the second Heavenly being Stel. His Word quivered throughout the skies. The third Heavenly being Barry stroked their emotions with his hands taking them to the greatest heights and deepest depths. The fourth Heavenly being Ben thundered his Word throughout the land on that cold December night. Many a Good Soul had rejoiced.

The travellers departed into the depths of that bitterly cold night after welcoming the Word, trembling and overcome with joy from the experience. There had been old and new alike.

In the following days to come the news had spread across the land and there were many who were anticipating the Second Coming.

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James on stage at Parr Hall, click for a larger view.

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