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The FAQ was updated in January 2009.

Please ensure that you read the news page of for all the latest details of releases and tour dates. The latest news stories are highlighted on the opening page. The calendar section of the site lists all confirmed live dates and appearances worldwide. Alternatively, all latest confirmed news is posted and discussed on the band's message board too.

?  Are Starsailor working on a fourth album?
Starsailor's 4th album; 'All the Plans'. Yes they are - and it's finished. The release date has been confirmed as 9th March 2009 and it will be called All the Plans. Prior to the album, they will release Tell Me It's Not Over as a single on the 2nd March. You can listen to the radio edit of the song on the band's MySpace page and see the video on YouTube.
Please see their diary entries from 2007 and 2008, made while recording at The Doghouse recording studio.
?  When will Starsailor tour in x location?
Starsailor, with Mark Collins, perform at ULU in August 2003.  All the confirmed live dates are listed on the official Starsailor site in the 'calendar' section and are posted in the Gigs forum of the band's message board. The UK tour to support the release of All the Plans starts in Glasgow on 26th March 2009.

All confirmed live dates are posted in those two locations as soon as the band finalise their inclusion, so if you see any rumoured appearances posted anywhere else, it is as yet un-confirmed by the band. We post details very promptly upon confirmation.
?  How many albums have Starsailor released?
 [Silence is Easy, Starsailor's second album was released on 15th September 2003.]  Starsailor have now released 3 albums and their fourth is due for release on 9th March 2009 - All the Plans. Their first Love is Here was released on 8th October 2001 and their second Silence Is Easy almost exactly 2 years later on 15th October 2003. Their third album On the Outside also followed the 2 year release cycle, hitting the shops in the UK at least on 17th October 2005. See the 'Discography' section of the site for the album track listing and formats.
?  Where can I find the lyrics to Starsailor songs?
Right here on the official Starsailor web site. There is a link in the main coloured menu to 'Lyrics' and all the tracks from On The Outside, Silence is Easy and Love is Here are listed.
?  Where can I hear Starsailor's songs?
There is a Flash media player on the official web site in the top right hand corner. It includes many recent B sides as well as more recent album tracks. See the Discography section for details of which tracks were included on which releases.
?  I heard there is a Starsailor DVD, is this true?
  [Love Is Here (Live), Starsailor DVD and VHS is out now!]Yes, it is true. There has been a DVD and VHS released called 'Love is Here (Live)' and this is now on sale in the UK and some other regions. The DVD includes the whole of the London Forum show recorded in November 2001, all the videos to the singles from 'Love Is Here' plus a documentary on the recording of the first album, a tour documentary, the whole of the 'Making of Born Again' (shown in abridged form on the Poor Misguided Fool DVD single) and other snippets like a full discography and hidden 'Easter Egg' footage.

The accompanying VHS is somewhat shorter, containing the full Forum show, single videos and the tour documentary. The total running time of the DVD is 2 hours 30 minutes and the VHS 1 hour 45 minutes.

On The Outside was also released with a special edition CD which came with a 35 minute bonus DVD with several live songs from Somerset House in London, documentary footage on the making of the album and a picture gallery.
?  Will there be another live DVD coming out, I've seen cameras at gigs?
Yes, it's true that they do occasionally record gigs and special occasions so that they have footage available for future potential release. Some of the material has appeared as short documentaries on DVD singles. A video and stills camera also followed their progress recording the third album in the spring of 2005 in L.A., this footage has been included on the bonus DVD that comes with the special edition CD version of On The Outside.
?  Who directed Starsailor's videos and where can I see them?
Good Souls was directed by Dave Mould
Alcoholic was directed by Dave Mould
Lullaby was directed by Nick Gordon
Poor Misguided Fool was directed by David Slade
Silence is Easy was directed by Pedro Romhanyi
Born Again was directed by Rupert Jones
Four to the Floor; the European version was directed by Henry Moore Selder
Four to the Floor; the UK version by David Chaudoir
In the Crossfire was directed in London by Paul Gore
This Time was directed by Rojo.
Tell Me It's Not Over was directed by Dan Sully

All the videos (excluding the Euro Four to the Floor), along with the 13 minute A Short Documentary featuring live footage and inteviews, can be viewed on in a variety of speed and media formats. Follow the link in the main coloured menu to 'Video'.
?  Where can I find guitar tabs or piano music for Starsailor's songs?
 [Silence Is Easy songbook from IMP] There are various on-line sources for the guitar tabs, including several fan sites, a search engine should be able to direct you. There are also three songbooks available to buy, one each for the three albums, featuring arrangement, guitar tablature with chord boxes for all of the album tracks. Each book costs in the region of £15. The Love Is Here book is ref. IMP9523A and Silence Is Easy is IMP9925A - both published by International Music Publishing. On the Outside is published by Faber Music. There are details on all books at The Music and the books are available through Amazon and other book and sheet music retailers.

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