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Starsailor playing for Fairtrade in Preston in 2007.  The Good Souls Starsailor Fan Archive is an area of Starsailor's official web site at and has been set up in order to make fan photographs, live gig reviews and the like, available for other fans to enjoy. The archive of events now covered is extensive, please see the Site Map for a complete listing.

This site isn't intended to be used to find out about the latest Starsailor news, so please see for further information on forthcoming tours, releases etc. and visit the message board where all the latest developments are discussed. I have also added a Starsailor FAQ here of the most commonly asked questions I receive by e-mail.

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How can I show my material in the Good Souls; Official Starsailor Fan Archive?

Starsailor play in Warrington for Fairtrade in 2007.

For the time being, no new material can be added to the site as Starsailor are taking some time off band activities to work on individual projects. Please see this message board announcement I made for further details.

I will maintain the site as it is now, for as long as I can, but my contract to Starsailor has now ended and so this will remain very much a personal commitment.

Many thanks for your support over the last 9 years and for sharing your band experiences here.

Kindest regards, Boo.

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