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The Isle of Wight Festival 2003 ~ page 2 of photos

After the successful return to the island of the Isle of Wight festival in 2002 after a 32 year break, plans for 2003 were even bigger, more adventurous and more environmentally aware.

The Isle of Wight Rock Festival saw music return to Seaclose Park in Newport for a two day weekend festival, the bands performing represented several nationalities, genres and eras, with new bands The Burn and The Thrills alongside experienced acts like Iggy Pop, Paul Weller and Bryan Adams, turning up to show the young upstarts how it's done.

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James is filmed for the big screens.  Darkness is almost upon the stage.  James and James hard at work.  Ah, Barry comes out from hiding!  Barry and Stel at Seaclose Park.  James works the Les Paul.  Stel at the Isle of Wight Festival.  Three quarters of Starsailor.  I hope that isn't Barry's new Hammond on fire?  How many guitars is that now James? Shame we can't see Ben as well.  You can try and hide Barry, but we can still see you.  Must be warming up, Stel's stripping off.  I knew you were in there somewhere Barry.  The show is inevitably growing to a close.  The last few chords of Good Souls.  Watch out, low flying drum sticks!

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