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Megan and Jennifer's US Tour Photos

Megan (agirlinthisvicinity) and Jennifer (stateless) attended several US dates in early 2002 and took some excellent live photographs, as below. The gigs they attended were:

  • 9:30 Club, Washington DC (opening for Charlatans), Wednesday 30th January
  • Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Saturday 2nd March
  • 9:30 Club, Washington DC, Wednesday 6th March
  • SUNY Binghamton NY, 27th April 2002 ~ MTV Campus Invasion
  • Virginia Commonwealth, Richmond, Wednesday 1st May ~ MTV Campus Invasion

This is their story in their own words:

The January 30, 2002 Starsailor/Charlatans show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC was the first time we saw Starsailor live, an experience that we'd soon find to be addictive. Knowing little about either band going into the show, we were blown away by the performances, however something about Starsailor's stage presence was especially striking - we left the venue as avid Starsailor fans.

The March 2, 2002 Philly show was amazing. Now headlining, Starsailor's performance was incredible - we heard "Born Again" for the first time, which immediately emerged as something incredibly special, and "She Just Wept" was dedicated to the front row (which we were lucky enough to be in!). With some amazing luck, we managed to get backstage passes after the show as well, along with a number of other excited fans. This is the point where we have to voice thanks to James Stelfox - he clearly took pity on two shy, nervous girls, talked with us for a bit, and even introduced us to James and Ben. We got a photograph with James & Stel (although the person taking the photo had a little problem centering, hence only a partial picture of Stel), autographs, and a new favorite song - none of which we anticipated - in addition to a fabulous concert.

The DC show was only four days later, and we were sure to arrive early again to get a good spot. The highlight of this show had to be the technical difficulties, which resulted in an impromptu performance of "Postman Pat" by James Walsh - we've never been so happy about technical difficulties at a show! James was also prompted to tell a joke by someone in the audience, and while the specifics aren't coming to mind, he was encouraged to "keep his day job."1 At the beginning of the show, James commented on "familiar faces" in the crowd - due to the immediacy of the previous show, we'd like to think maybe we were included in that comment . . . regardless, it's these little things that make a superb live show a truly memorable event.

On the MTV Campus Invasion Tour, we attended two shows; Binghamton, NY and Richmond, VA. These had a different feel from previous shows, but were particular fun with the smaller crowd. The pictures we've posted are from Binghamton - we were so excited and into the show in Richmond (that morning, we had just gotten the OK from work to take a half day in order to make the show) that we completely forgot to take pictures.

The crowds at both shows were mixed - some dedicated fans, others interested but less familiar with the music, and others . . . well . . . let's just say it was rather interesting to see James slightly less inhibited, especially towards those not so attentive people in the crowd. Following both shows, we were able to get our CD and vinyl signed - quite a line, but the guys were kind enough to wait around for everyone.

The main reaction we came away with after these shows was amazement at how Starsailor just keeps getting better and better. We had heard the songs previously in concert, but each time they seemed new and the sound seemed to develop even more. We eagerly await the new album, confident that we'll be hearing many more wonderful things from the band.

1 Editor's note: this was the joke in question:

“A building site foreman tells an Irish builder to dig a hole 100 metres long and 100 metres wide. 'I'm not doing that,' says the builder. 'We'll give you a JCB,' says the foreman. 'I don't care what medal you give me, I'm still not doing it.'”

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James on stage in Philadelphia, click for a larger view. The Philadelphia show, click for a larger view. Stel and James on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. James on stage, click for a larger view. James on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. James on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. James on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. Stel on stage, click for a larger view. Ben on stage, click for a larger view. Stel and Ben on stage, click for a larger view.

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