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HMV in-store signing and gig

Monday 15th September 2003, the release date for Silence Is Easy. HMV store, Oxford Circus, London. Words and pictures from Melanie Spruijt, 24, The Netherlands.

I was lucky to be part of this exclusive event and I thought it would be nice to share it with others. This was the fourth time for me to see them play. Hereunder you can read my experience if you like!

It had been beautiful weather in London for the past couple of days, and today was no exception. Thus a warm and sunny release for Starsailor's new songs!

 [Melanie's wristband for the HMV in-store.] Early in the morning I went to HMV to buy the eagerly awaited record Silence Is Easy. A live set and signing would take place at this record store today after closing time. Wristbands for admittance were available on purchase of the album on first come, first served base. When I entered the shop I already saw people running with 4 or 5 albums to the counter! Still I was lucky to be among the winners as well.

 [Starsailor at the HMV in-store gig.]   HURRAY!

At night around 8:45, everyone was waiting for Starsailor to arrive. The stage was literally inside the shop, so you were standing between (covered) cd stands. There was a genial, intimate and excited atmosphere.

Then, the Fabulous Four took the stage! James (Walsh) seemed to be in a festive mood and took a picture of the cheering audience. (By reading the other reviews I learned he does this more often - could he still distinguish the photos from each other?!) It was very nice to hear them play live again after a long time. (Last time for me was a festival in Belgium last year). The one catchy melody followed the other! I think they were powerful and passionate, yet refined and sophisticated.  [Starsailor at the HMV in-store gig.]  It was a happy and relaxed show and the (PA) sound was good. James (Walsh) was making comments and jokes in between the songs.

Starsailor live is just something great and although you knew beforehand this set was going to be shorter than others, you were hoping that they would forget the time! (too bad - they did not) All in all I really enjoyed the gig.

The set list was as follows: (if my memory serves me right)

  •  [Melanie meets Starsailor after their performance.] Music Was Saved
  • Alcoholic
  • Four To The Floor
  • Born Again
  • Silence Is Easy
  • Good Souls

 [Melanie gets to meet Starsailor at the HMV in-store signing session.] The encore for this short concert was the signing afterwards. There was a lot to write for them and patience required for everyone. After quite some time it was my turn and it was over before I realised it was actually happening. It was nice to meet them in person (- for the second time! - I am just so spoilt). They were friendly, and fortunately still willing to sign and even pose. The autographed items are a special addition to my collection!

Lastly, before I went outside, I met with a sweet little toddler for a few seconds that turned out to be the smallest member of a Starsailor family! - An endearing moment that was such a nice thing to end this evening with.

I hope for many years of Starsailor to come!!

P.S. A big thank you to Starsailor and everyone else involved for making this possible! Also thanks to Olaf from Germany for the photography of the signing (I owe you!), my colleagues Rémon and Jim and let me not forget to mention Boo - it was pleasant communicating with you!

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