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Heineken Festival, Imola in Italy, 2004

Event date: Saturday, 19th June 2004. Report and photos by Anna Maria.

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One of those few times I have time to use my P.C. and visit Starsailorís website, I saw there was nothing about Starsailor's taking part in Heineken Jamming Festival in Italy. I thought to tell that amazing day at Imola but I began writing than stopped . . . because my English is really rusty!

 [Stel at the Heineken festival in Imola.  There is no larger view.  ] At the end, I was not able to stop the wish to tell and tried to do my best. Well, we are a little italian family Starsailor's great fans (I'm mother); for avoid to mistake verbs, let me tell you in the present!

My husband and I leave at dawn (we live in Umbria: "the green heart of Italy"). After the journey by car, the waiting in line, the opening of the gates and the crowd, our thought goes to our son (he's almost three). How he climbs on a chair to select music by himself: 'Four to the Floor', 'Tie up my Hands', 'Fidelity' . . . great tastes.

If he were here, his face would lighten with a splendid smile at the first note (as usual), and we are in the front row! But it's no place for a child . . . and a little we regret!

I have a large banner with STARSAILOR written on to make them welcome like they deserve.

 [The Cure headline the festival.  Please click for a larger view. ]  The publicity insisted on the Cure's presence only (there are: Starsailor, Ben Harper, Pixel, P.J.Harvey, The Calling). Even the MTV's V.J. asked James: "Do you always feel at your ease when you play at festivals, in the afternoon, in front of an audience like we have, that's there to see The Cure, without knowing how they'll react, if they'll like you or not?" That's not a good way to ask a question!

We all know The Cure are a piece of music's history, it's fantastic to see them; but recently I had been taken by Starsailor's music (and I'm forever faithful to my dreams): I wish so much to listen to them live!

 [James wows the Italian fans in the summer of 2004.   Please click for a larger view. ] There were their fans like us and people eager to see them; it's a pity that our V.J. had not this suspiction: maybe he should have something more interesting to ask. It strikes me a local radio's D.J. I listened on my radio ('Silence is Easy' had been out for some months) sending 'Music was saved', he was talking about these four boys were really clever and talented; about James's voice he said: the most beautiful in the present music outline. I agree and it's still true. I like those 'free radios' where you can listen some music's estimator comments so sincere and personal: a little more far from the marketing system.

Sorry for my digressions but while we're waiting and burning ourself by the sun, I must kill time: thinking, drawing, writing, talking and listening around . . . how the audience sometimes can be ferocious; a comment on another band I don't mention (The Calling): a girl says: Where is that chubby child who thinks himself Eddie Vedder? Someone else hopes The Cure will sing 'Lullaby', a boy near me remarks that Starsailor's 'Lullaby' has nothing to envy to the Cure's that one: it's wonderful.

 [James on stage at Imola in Jue 2004. Please click for a larger view.]  We all agree and hope they'll play it! When at last they arrive, their music's energy and emotions that it transcribes are indescribable and they are three only: Barry, the keyboard player is poorly. 'Poor misguided fool', 'Music was saved', 'Four to the Floor','Tie up my hands' . . . a floating of emotions fills me; I would absorb every word, every single note, that one every day takes my life, expecially when I'm so sad or so angry that I absolutely must listen something sublime that reconcile me to the world; and if I'm happy this music make that moment perfect. Music and voice are here now, true with the effect of an arrow to heart and when I take breath again, a great smile opened inside me.

During the gig James replies to the audience and wishes happy birthday to a fan; at Napoli, about a month later, in 'Tie up my Hands' he will sing: "Rest your daughter while her daddy cries . . ." That also makes them love.

 [Starsailor at the Imola Heineken Festival in June 2004.   Please click for a larger view. ] At the end of their performance, comments around me are enthusiastic. They were amazing- I like their intensity, pure deep passion that liberate by talent (and hard work). There is something makes me feel them near to me, their music becomes me. I thought it when I bought 'Silence is Easy' and I knew only 'Four to the Floor', the only one advertised in Italy (why?). I liked so much that I bought 'Love is here' too. It was love at first side for 'Tie up my Hands' before, than all the others, one by one.

Now Iím waiting for third album and a Starsailor gig all of their own; I know they were here in November 2003 but I didn't know Starsailor then. We haven't come to Napoli because of some problem and then . . . could we lie again to our son? When we returned, his uncle said, with a little smile; "do you know where your parents had been?" . . . We both jumped at him!

Thanks for all the moments that your music is in our life and warms the heart.

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