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Parry's report from Parr Hall

Friday 13th December 2002. Review and photographs by Parry

Starsailor at Parr Hall, with comedian Peter Kay.  After a lot of deliberation and a surreptitous phone call during work time, a ticket fell onto my door mat. A couple of weeks later I was in a hotel, waiting for two lovely girls to turn up - well at that time I was guessing they were lovely, but the description was correct.

I arrived, got changed and rang Lauren, who came down, and we both went searching for Lou, after picking up Lou from her room, we went wandering into Warrington to find the pub that I had chosen . . . anyway 10 mins later after a quick call to a friend to get directions to the pub and receiving a call from Hippy Chick, we met up with Frances and was joined by Clare, her boyfriend and 2 friends of Lou's.

Starsailor at Parr Hall.

After a drink or two we wandered over to Parr Hall, after Frances had sold Lou spare ticket and lost her own, we entered the Hall, spotting several familiar faces including, Big Dave, 'Boo, Hippy Chick and members of my own band, we all piled to the front, well me, Renny, Clare & Lou anyway.

Starsailor  We waited for the show to start, I'm not going to tell you much about the show other than it was REALLY good, and also the first time I've seen the band play live, with the odd covers thrown in; I Am The Resurrection, also Where The Streets Have No Name and The One I Love (with incorrect lyrics . . . ) which seemed to be a filler. After James left the stage for the 2nd time, out comes the support act (AFTER the bands encore . . . ) which was the great comedian Peter Kay, who did about 25 minutes, THEN stayed for the bands 2nd encore on tambourine & maracas.

James and Barry end their set  After the show had finished, as we where leaving I bumped into friends from another local band and other members of my band, and also someone who I should have recognised, the lovely Kleines. To finish the night off, several of us wandered off into Warrington and lots more alcohol was consumed . . .

Starsailor assisted by Peter Kay  James Walsh on stage.

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