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Starsailor's Page ~ Volume 1

Personal photographs and diary entries, from their travels.

Starsailor visited Iceland in June 2004 for their first visit and appearance there, doing a live performance at the Nasa club in Reykjavik on 11th of the month. They managed to steal some time to take in the dramatic scenery.

Starsailor in Iceland, June 2004.  Click for a larger view.  ssphotos/Starsailor in Iceland, June 2004.  Click for a larger view.  Starsailor in Iceland, June 2004.  Click for a larger view.

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L.A. Diary, spring 2005

Starsailor set off the the US, Los Angeles specifically, in March 2005 to start work recording their third studio album and sent back diary entries for the Starsailor Message Board. Their personal entries will be archived here, but check the official Message Board for the latest entries as the album progresses.

Part 1 ~ By James Walsh, Wednesday 6th April 2005

Hi it's James Walsh here with the first instalment of Starsailor's US adventure.

Our first week was spent with Rob Schnapf (producer) in a rehearsal room putting the finishing touches to the songs before going in to record. It also gave us a chance to warm up and make sure we we're playing better than ever.

Most of the time so far in the studio has been spent recording drums which is usually the way, so Ben will probably be finished very soon. (He promises not to swan around the studio drinking beer rubbing it in that we still have work to do!). The first track we have put guitar, bass and keys on is called 'Counterfeit Life' which we are all really happy with.

Next up is 'In my blood' which we need to make sure is better than the live version which many of you may be familiar with.

Outside of the studio we've been watching bands and settling into LA life. We went to see Coldplay along with Vernon Kay and Tim Burgess and we were all impressed with their new songs. We had a few drinks with Vernon after the show before he had to rush over to the studio to do his morning show on radio 1 at around midnight LA time!

Anyway, that's all for now, we'll be back in touch soon,

Love From Starsailor

Part 2 ~ By Barry Westhead, Monday 18th April 2005

The album is going well so far. Three songs finished and another 11 under way. Los Angeles is good, but not as good as Manchester. Melrose is like Oldham St, but not as good. Rodeo Drive is like a poor man's King's St. I could go on...

I'm having trouble understanding the locals, but not as much as they are understanding me. I've even been mistaken as French.

Kelly (my fiancee) has been over which has been great. She brought proper tea bags, crisps and chocolate. She also brought me up to date with the essential goings on in the street. Which reminds me, is my lookalike Phil Mitchell about to make a come back in Eastenders?

Anyway, that's all for now.

love Baz

ps. Stevie Wonder is recording next door and has just walked past. I'm too frightened to say anything though.

Part 3 ~ By James Walsh, Friday 22nd April 2005

Hello Again,

It's James again keeping you up to date with the albums progress. 5 songs are very near completion which we are very excited about.

The working titles for them are:

  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Here I Go
  • Ashes / In the Crossfire
  • I don't know
  • Counterfeit Life

It's been a long time performing the songs from the first two albums so we are really looking forward to debuting more new tracks when we get to the Astoria. Needless to say we are doing our upmost to make sure the album sounds as good as we can possibly make it.

Ben and Stel were out the other night gaining inspiration at a 'Queens Of The Stone Age' gig both said the gig was great. Stel even got chatting to Elijah Wood who said he was a big Starsailor fan!

The other big development in Starsailor world is the new football nets in the garden of the studio. When we are not involved in recording you can usually find us involved in a heated game of 2 on 2 or 3 on 3!

I apologise for not going in to much detail about the songs, but I prefer to let you lot be the judges when the album comes out. Music we are listening to at the moment includes 'Ray La Montagne', 'The Queens Of The Stone Age' and the new Beck album.

See You Soon

Love Starsailor

Part 4 ~ By James Walsh, Thursday 5th May 2005
Hi Everyone,

It's James back with another installment of Starsailor's American adventure.

The weekend was spent at the Coachella Festival near Palm Springs. This presented another opportunity to meet up with our fellow countrymen as a number of British bands were playing. I was there with my family so my experience was very different to the rest of the lads who all were a little jaded come Sunday morning!

After a weekend of partying it was back to work, we now have 7 songs completed and are well underway with song number 8 which is called 'White Light'. Just two more weeks of recording to go! Although we are going to miss studio life we are really excited about playing live again and most of all, the release of the record.

I'm sorry to be vague, but all I can say is at present we are still on course for an autumn release.

It seems to be a good time for British bands over here; Kasabian, The Music, The Futureheads, Bloc Party, Doves and of course Coldplay have all been through playing pretty big shows. Let's hope the trend continues when we release our album.

Don't worry though we won't desert our loyal fans back home and in Europe and we look forward to seeing you in London and at the Isle of Wight!

From James

Part 5 ~ By James Walsh, Friday 20th May 2005
Hi Everyone,

It's James here with the final installment of our LA experience.

Having left the luxury of Conway we are now located in the more modest surroundings (though equally charming) of Sunset Sound Factory waiting patiently while Rob and Doug complete the mixes. Then we go in and make our comments. Thankfully we have had little to say which means they are doing a good job.

Ben and Barry went home at the weekend so it is left to myself and Stel to represent Starsailor for the first week of mixing. They will still be taking an active involvement in the process via mp3 files and Fedexed CDRs (it's amazing what you can do with technology!). Although we would love to stay for the whole time we are leaving on Saturday night to ensure we are suitably refreshed for our forthcoming date at the London Astoria.

Now time for the gushing speech: I would like to thank Rob and Doug for making our stay so enjoyable and displaying as much passion for the album as any of us which is all that we can ask for from a producer and engineer (not forgetting Scott the pro-tools guy and the lovely Eric).

Also Chris Briggs (A&R) and Andrew (our manager) for letting us make the album we want and being constructive with their comments. Thanks for all your replies to the messages left so far, we all really appreciate your feedback and we are glad you are excited about the album. You will be pleased to know there has been a camera following us around documenting the recording process so there will be both moving and still footage available soon. See you at the Astoria, hope you enjoy the new songs!

Love Starsailor

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That strange glow is called sunshine Barry.  Now you see Barry, this is where you're going wrong, the shades should have been worn in the previous photo!  Good looking chaps like us should be able to pick up some catalogue modelling while we're here.  There's a lot of relaxing and looking cool going on and not much evidence of hard work.  Who's that weird bloke with the camera? A rare full frontal of Mr. Westhead.  See, more of that relaxing. Benjamin! No Ben, put the pool cue down very slowly and walk towards me.  Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock doing a bit of horticulture? Still practicing the cool and mysterious look.  I don't think it was a bad pint Ben, you seemed alright with the 12 before it!  Are we keeping you awake lads?  Ah, at last, someone at least looks to be doing some work.  Too late, it looks like we've been rumbled, just smile sweetly and try not to look so guilty.    I think we got away with it, keep walking and smiling.  The studio team working on the album; Barry, Ben, Doug, Rob, Eric, James and Stel.  Sound engineer Doug.  Eric.  Rob Schnapf.

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