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Starsailor's Page ~ Volume 2

Diary entries and photographs, from their travels in the summer of 2006.

The diary entries below were written on the band's official message board during a busy summer of traveling and festival dates in 2006 and later their US and Canadian tour starting at the end of August, through September and into October. The full collection will be mirrored here for posterity.

As well as the diary messages posted by James, Rich 'Echoboy' Warren, Starsailor's additional live guitarist, also did a video diary of the US tour from the end of August 2006. He called it 72 as each video was meant to reflect a 72 hour period of the tour. He uploaded his diaries to YouTube where you can see the latest installment of his fabulous tour video diary.

Part 1 ~ By James Walsh, Friday 9th June 2006

  Hello All,

James here with the first installment of our festival diary. The summer has got off to a great start. It was great to visit Ankara in Turkey for a show over there. We even had a bit of a kick about with some of the stewards. The first game Turkey won but we restored a bit of pride in the second leg!

We also made our first trip to Portugal which was great. Beautiful weather and a good crowd. We feared the worst when we went on stage and there was hardly anyone there! It soon filled up though and by the end the field was pretty full. It's always good when it starts off a bit quiet and the music draws people in.

The two recent shows in France were the highlight so far though.'In The Crossfire' and of course 'Four to the Floor' have been going down a storm over there. The fifth Starsailor Richard Warren celebrated his birthday over there(I wont tell his age you'll have to ask him yourself!).

With shows in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain and of course dear old blighty still to come it's going to be a busy few months. (Apologies if I missed any Countries we are visiting!) One of us will be back soon to give you another update.

Bye For Now

James W  

Part 2 ~ By James Walsh, Wednesday 21st June 2006

  Hi All,

Hope you are enjoying the world cup and the good weather?

The gig at Kempton Park was fantastic. We weren't sure what to expect having never played at a racecourse before! The crowd made it feel like a proper outdoor show. It reminded me in many ways of our Somerset House gig last year.

We have started bumping into our fellow countrymen on our travels in recent weeks. We caught up with Elbow and Hard-Fi in Switzerland. We only spoke to Hard-Fi briefly because they had a flight to catch but Elbow stuck around all day. Guy was telling me that Elbow have taken to doing outdoor pursuits on their days off! He has also started doing a radio show in Manchester and I'm sure he will get us in to do an interview at some point.

Switzerland is like a second home to us, we seem to be fliying into Geneva airport every other weekend! Next up is France and Belfast where I am currently residing. Not too far to stumble home after the show. The Cinemagic show in Belfast is another one in a really good location. In Custom House square in town. If the weather holds out it should be a superb night.

See You Soon,


Part 3 ~ By James Walsh, Tuesday 27th June 2006

  Hi All,

It's James here. Back to tell you how our summer is going. Some of you may have seen us on ITV4's world cuppa programme. I have to say it was a great laugh. Probably the most relaxed tv we have ever done. Rob Lee was a decent bloke and was quite happy to tell us the characters he liked and disliked in the game. (I'm not telling who he said though!).

Next up was the 'Moutiers' festival in France. It seemed to take an age to get there from Nantes airport and we were amazed how many people had turned out to see us in what was essentially rural France! We were looked after very well and the crowd was once again in fine form. After only an hour's sleep and a lot of travelling we found ourselves in Belfast for the Cinemagic show.

The only downer about this gig was that we had to play a really short set because of curfews etc. This was a real shame because the people who were there were really up for it (thanks all for attending, especially the message board regulars).

Despite having a thrilling summer ahead of us, to play with 'The Rolling Stones' once again will be an obvious highlight I'm sure. We are delighted that they have asked us to play with them for a second time. Hyde Park is calling first though and a show with legendary Floyd member Roger Waters. Now go back to enjoying the world cup and see how many people get sent off in the next match!


Part 4 ~ By James Walsh, Monday 3rd July 2006

  Hi Folks,

James here again with another installment of the summer diary. What a week it's been.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip out to Hyde Park to see us. There was a sizeable crowd considering England were being shown on a big screen onsite so we were very happy. Sad to see England out of the world cup to Scolari's Portugal. I was talking to Ian Broudie (Lightening Seeds) who was debating whether to play 3 lions or not due to the result. In the end I think he went for a decidedly downbeat version which had everyone in tears!

Roger Waters put on a brilliant show and Ben and Stel's night was topped off when they bumped into a hero of their's Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Then it was back on the bus for a trip to Belgium.

We thought Hyde Park would take some beating but the gig at Rock Werchter was the most enjoyable show in recent months. The crowd was well up for it despite the blazing heat and every song seemed to go down better and better as the set went on.

Once again while I was in the shower Ben and Stel were meeting Rock Legends. This time it was Robert Plant. It was humbling to know that he watched us from the side of the stage and he told us he really enjoyed the set.

Needless to say after a post gig signing session the majority of the band and crew hot-footed it back to the main stage to watch the Led Zep hero's set.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Belgian fans who made the festival so special for us.

See You Soon,


Part 5 ~ By James Walsh, Monday 31st July 2006

  Hi Everyone,

I'm kicking myself I didn't do another one of these sooner as there has been so much to take in over the past couple of weeks.

Ok lets start with the most exciting part. Meeting The Rolling Stones! We played our first gig in Munich with them where we were put in a dressing room a good ten minutes walk from the stadium. We'd no chance of getting anywhere near them (or so we thought).

Hannover was a different story. We had two days off in the city which were spent bowling, eating and drinking mostly. We did get a bit of exercise in, playing water polo in the pool and riding in a pedalo on the lake. Female fans of Benny Byrne will be pleased to know he wore a very fetching pair of superman undies for his water polo bouts!

Then came the show. The crowd response in Hannover was much better than Munich. At times it felt like our own show. Then after our set we were ushered down to the Stones' dressing room. Following a pretty anxious wait we were greeted by the four legends. Sir Mick said he was a big fan of the band and even bought the first album! Keith was pure rock n roll.

Charlie was very quiet but no less polite and cordial. Ronnie was full of life greeting us with a jovial 'How ya doin lads. Everything alright for ya' we did a quick picture with them which will definitley be one to show the kids and the grandkids and they went straight on stage. As the first chimes of 'Jumping Jack Flash' echoed around the stadium it suddenly dawned on us what a special moment that was. Now all we need is a support slot with David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen!

That wasn't our only brush with the mega famous over the past few weeks. The show in Montreux was great. Another brilliant crowd (which we have come to expect in Switzerland!) Unfortunatley we only caught fleeting glimpses of Mr Sting. Rich was on cloud nine after meeting his hero Morrissey who was playing downstairs. Summercase in Spain was great fun. The show in Barcelona was the best one we have done over there and it was great to hang out with the bands afterwards. Among those we shared a beer with were 'The Feeling', various members of Razorlight, Mani from the Scream and various Happy Mondays. One kid from 'The Paddingtons' even said he remembers seeing us at Hull uni years ago when he was only fifteen. That made me feel pretty old! Rufus Wainwright played a brilliant set and was utterly charming when we met him afterwards.

Thanks to our small but loyal band of Swedish fans. We played our first gig over there for a number of years in Ostersund. Hope you enjoyed it and we'll try not to leave it quite so long next time!

See You Soon


Part 6 ~ By James Walsh, 16th August 2006

  Hi Folks,

Another exciting week and another milestone in the history of Starsailor. The biggest headline gig to date. Last night we played in front of 15,000 people at the Marktrock festival in Belgium. The festival was situated in Leuven (home of Stella Artois!) in the town square. Despite this being the home of strong lager we all managed to keep a lid on it until after the show!

The line up was a complete mixed bag Ice-T and Bodycount was on in the afternoon and the Sugababes were on before us! Amazingly the crowd loved it all. I have to say the Sugababes put on a great show and all their voices were top notch. They saved the best till last of course with the magnificent 'Push The Button'. They were very kind about us too, mentioning something about the 'fabulous' Starsailor.

Most pop music makes me want to be sick but when it's good it really puts a smile on my face. Before we knew it, it was time for us to go on. You know it's going to be a great gig when there is a huge roar when you step on the stage before you have even played a note. By the end the crowd were going mad. Thanks once again Belgium for being such passionate music lovers.

The gig in Germany a couple of nights before did not quite hit those dizzy heights but it was none the less a good show. Germany will of course hold a special place in our hearts too though being the place where we met the stones! Now I cant wait for our gigs in Edinburgh and of course the V festivals.

I hope you are all in good voice for V, the Belgians are currently in top spot for crowd of the summer closely followed by the French. To all you Scots and English out there, the gauntlet has been thrown down! I'm off to pack for our mammoth American tour, hope all the US is ready for us.

From James  

Stateside Part 1 ~ By James Walsh, 25th August 2006

  Hello All,

James here writing to you from our hotel in New York City. We have been in New York for a couple of days now.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the in-store at virgin last night. It was great to see a couple of familiar faces. We have been away for a while so we were not sure what to expect.

We have been spending quite a bit of time visiting all the people who are working on the record in the US (publishing, press, record company etc.) this is actually more fun than it sounds. Everyone involved seems to genuinely like the band which is the main thing.

I think we are going to head to a baseball game tonight. I will keep an open mind I promise! It's just the length of time they play for which puts me off. Having people walk round with hot dogs and beers is not going to help my diet much either is it. I guess I could do an extra hour in the gym!

Sorry to hear about Tom from Keane's recent problems. Keane supported us in Germany a few years ago and have always seemed like really decent blokes. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Thanks to all the fans back home for making V such a special gig for us. It was a fitting end to our European Tour. We thought Stafford was great but I think the weather, the crowd and the fact that we were a little bit more confident made Chelmsford one of the highlights of the summer.

Let's not forget the crowd in the Virgin tent for my acoustic performance. It was nerve wracking going on before Rufus Wainwright but you were all great.

Hope you enjoyed the new song I played in Edinburgh, I'm really proud of it. When the old songs mean so much to people (especially on this site) it's always hard to write stuff which lives up to it.

I'll be back soon with an update from the west coast.

Bye For Now,


Stateside Part 2 ~ By James Walsh, 7th September 2006

  Hi Folks,

Hello from the USA. Things are going great out here. Both the Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel shows went really well. Rich was very excited about Tommy Lee being on the Kimmel show. He was a boyhood Crue fan!

 [Starsailor play an acoustic session at the Viper Rooms in LA.  Click for a larger view. ] Jay Leno stopped by the dressing room to say hello and welcome back which was cool of him. We paid a visit to Yahoo!, KCRW and Napster to record sessions and also performed an acoustic set at the Viper Room (photo right). I dj'd at a club called 'Cinespace' in LA which was fun. I was not aware that it was a hip hop/80's night though. Two genres of music I have little knowledge of! Thankfully a little Beyonce and Amerie goes a long way. Thank goodness for Gnarls Barkely too, I played at least two songs from that album.

It was great to be back at KCRW again, a station that has supported us throughout the years. Nic Harcourt has great taste in music and it's amazing how many big names he has managed to coax down to their little studio in Santa Monica. If you are based out in the States you might have noticed 'In The Crossfire' is being used in an ad for the crime series 'Cold Case'.

So all in all our trip to LA was a successful one. We are looking forward to going back for the shows at The Troubadour. After the sun of LA it was off to rainy Montreal. Montreal is a beautiful city and it was great to spend some time there. The festival was good despite the weather. We were on early so it was not packed but the enthusiasm of the crowd made up for it. Headlining the festival were 'The Flaming Lips' who were outstanding as usual.

After Montreal it was off to Ottawa. The fans we met afterwards seemed so excited about us being in town. The crowd were singing along all the way through the gig. It seemed to take an age to get back through immigration into America so we were relieved when we woke up off the bus to find ourselves in Boston.

The day off was spent sampling the local seafood, visiting the 'Cheers' bar (which looks nothing like the Hollywood set!) and shopping in Copley Plaza. So that brings you bang up to date. Here we are in the 'Paradise Club' waiting to get on stage.

See You Soon,


p.s. Don't forget to check out Rich's video diary on YouTube to get some moving images to match my words.  

Stateside Part 3 ~ By James Walsh, 18th September 2006

  Hello All,

Our voyage into America continues. The show in Philly was really good. There was an afternoon show and a gig in the evening which took it out of us a bit. It was a great venue and the crowd were really enthusiastic. I actually got to see a bit of the city too.

Some of the band made a pilgrimage to the Rocky Steps while I spent some of the day by the harbour with my family. The V festival in Toronto was certainly an experience. We had to get boats over to the island. Ours nearly sank! Once on dry land we were able to catch a bit of David Ford's set. Some of you may remember him from the British tour. The line-up for the festival was superb. Gnarls Barkely, Phoenix and The Flaming Lips to name but three.

After Toronto it was back on the Bus and on to New York. It was good to have a day off in the big apple which for me was spent checking out new computers. I also made it to Trump Tower and The Rockerfeller Centre. Trump Tower was very 70's looking inside. Incidentally why is New York called 'The Big Apple'?

No offence to the rest but New York was the best show of the tour so far. Playing on 9/11 we were not sure how the crowd would be. This is understandably an emotional day for New Yorkers. We needn't have worried. The audience sang along to every word. I decided to start 'Silence Is Easy' with a little bit of 'Don't Let Me Down' which went down a treat.

It was also the first sold-out show of the tour so thanks to everyone who made it down to the gig. Next up was Washington. The 9:30 club brought back memories of our tour with The Charlatans. The antics have been decidedly tame so far compared to what went on on that tour. Needless to say there was not a lot of sleeping went on amongst certain members of the touring party back then!

The gig was inevitably a bit of a comedown from New York but we still really enjoyed ourselves. Our day off in Charlotte can definitely be filed under crazy. I went to meet Les in a local Irish bar called Connellys and he had managed to get the bar man to play 'On The Outside' on a loop. He had also invited half the bar down to the gig! It didn't take him long to become a hero and the bar man kindly got us a couple of rounds on the house. Rich and Les apparently ended up in some millionaire's lake house! Needless to say they remember nothing about it!

I went down to the local radio station (W.E.N.D.) on the day of the show. They invited loads of people down to sit in on the session which was cool. Les is going through all these bits of paper trying to get his guest list together for the show tonight!

That's All Folks!


Stateside Part 4 ~ By James Walsh, 25th September 2006

  Hello All,

Here we are in the U.S as we reach the halfway point of our tour. The turnout at Charlotte was slightly disappointing but the crowd that was there seemed to love every minute. Normal service was resumed for Atlanta which was an absolutely storming gig. The crowd whooped and cheered through every song. I decided to throw in the Kelis/Outkast song 'Millionaire' into the mix because Outkast are an Atlanta band.

What made the gig even more memorable was the fact that there was a 'prog metal' convention going on downstairs. Let me just say there was a lot of leather and finger tapping (a guitar technique favoured by metal heads) going on. We managed to sneak into one of the shows it was absolutely hilarious! (apologies 'prog metal' fans).

Then it was off to Nashville 'Music City'. It was great to visit the 'Country Music Hall Of Fame'. People forget that 'Country Music' although much maligned has contributed some of the greatest artists of all time. Gram Parsons, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash all have memorabilia housed here.

The show that evening was superb. It was a rather unusual set up with a number of people sat at tables eating! They soon rose to their feet and I was even moved to include the Stones' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' and our own 'Lullaby' which were not in the original set.

The Varsity in Minneapolis was a beautiful venue. An old vaudeville theatre I believe. It was another city with a rich musical heritage. Bob Dylan's first flat is situated down the road from the venue! It is said that 'Positively 4th Street' is written about a Minneapolis street. Dylanoligists is this correct?

Denver was cool. 'Brother Man Dude' finally made it into the country! I think this was definitely the drunkest crowd we have had on the tour so far. Some interesting dance moves were on display! The gig at 'Salt Lake City' was another cracker. The people who came down were so warm and friendly. It's great when you go somewhere slightly off the beaten track and the kids are really happy you came.

Let me tell you something about our bus. It is fully equipped with Satellite T.V so we can keep up to date with goings on in the prem. I am definitely the messiest person with clothes and DVDs strewn everywhere (closely followed by Stel). I am also the cleanest. I have a shower after every gig. Some who shall remain nameless have not changed their jeans for the whole tour!

Ben has been the drunkest! Who else would be playing 'Flash Gordon' at 4 in the morning. The closest we have got to a fight is the odd argument about who's ipod gets plugged into the stereo! Our driver is a lovely bloke from Seattle called Gordon. Our Tour Manager is a lovely bloke from Manchester called Chris (who farts constantly and supports City passionately). Liverpool born Walter is doing a great job with the sound. (This is not always easy as the venues have differed wildly in sound and the equipment available.) Oh and Hamish and Les need no introduction! Needless to say it would not be half as much fun without them!

Bye for now!


Stateside Part 5 ~ By James Walsh, 3rd October 2006

  Hello All,

So here we are getting ready to go back home. A lot has happened since I last posted. Vancouver was a blast. I had some family down at the show and they really enjoyed themselves. Next up was Seattle. Another city with a rich musical heritage. We were playing at the 'Crocodile Cafe'. Peter Buck's wife owns the place and according to reports Mr Buck turned up to see us!

Then it was on to the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. This was the only gig of the tour that was part of the hotel. The venue was beautiful it reminded me of a chateau somewhere in the alps.

The next date was San Francisco. Me and Ben visited the worst waxworks museum in the world. It was worth the admission price for comedy value alone. The models looked nothing like who they were supposed to be! Bad waxworks museums aside, San Francisco is a great city. The venue was an old music hall which made for a very enjoyable show. The city still has a real Bohemian vibe to it and the people really let themselves go when they go to a gig.

It also attracts a lot of tourists and I detected many British accents shouting stuff from the crowd. The following morning we arrived at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Billy Bob Thornton was on the show and he took the time to stop by the dressing room and said hello. He mostly talked about playing with his band in Liverpool at the cavern club.

Then we went back to The Troubadour in LA. A place where we have played and watched many a gig. Loads of bands have broke in America by playing here. Thanks a lot to Ed Harcourt who got up on stage to do 'Ring Of Fire' with me. This time we did two sold-out shows! We had to keep a bit of a lid on the post gig drinking activities after the first gig but we soon made up for it after the second. Does anyone know any good hangover cures, I was totally wiped out all of Sunday!

Sincere thanks to the crowd who made both gigs really special. The House Of Blues San Diego is the last gig of the tour. It seems like a cool place to play a show. I'm sat in the dressing room right now reminiscing about the great times we have had on the tour. Thanks a lot to Peter Walker and Brother Man Dude for providing support for the tour. We are hoping to come back to the US very soon. Don't worry UK fans we hope to have a few shows lined up back home before the end of the year.

Check out Rich's regular diaries on YouTube, he will continue to post when we get back so you can get the whole story of the tour!

See You Soon,


James Blunt US tour ~ By James Walsh, 8th November 2006

  Hello All,

Hi, it's James here again. Just thought it was about time I told you what we were up to at the moment.

As many of you will know, we are currently back in the States with Mr James Blunt. I have to say James, his band and his crew have all been very good to us so far on the tour. Although the last tour was a lot of fun, it's great to play venues with clean showers!

We have even found the time for the odd kick about. James's drummer Karl set up a game for us against these Detroit Soccer coaches (that's football as we know it!). We put up a pretty respectable showing, losing 8-7 or something. Next up is Starsailor/Blunt vs The Robbie Williams Allstars. Thankfully my wife Lisa is coming over so I can get out of it! I have a feeling this game might get a little heated!

The Halloween party was good fun too. Ben got hold of a mullet wig and was transformed into his alter-ego Doug Flange!

Another source of amusement on the tour is Les's apparent likeness to James Blunt. Believe it or not he has been mistakenly asked for autographs on a number of occasions.

Thanks to everyone who has been attending the signings at the gigs. We seem to be going down very well with James's crowd. Hello to everyone who has discovered Starsailor on this tour, thanks for buying the album and welcome to our world!

See You Soon,


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That Doug Flange is a rude boy.  Click for a larger view. Click for a larger view. Blondes seemingly do have more fun!  Click for a larger view. You wouldn't think James Blunt would need to try and look like Les in order to get the ladies.  Click for a larger view. That innocent look doesn't wash with us.  Click for a larger view. The boys are going to get spoiled by this oppulence.  Click for a larger view.
Back on home soil! By James Walsh, 21st November 2006

  Hello All,

So here we are finally back on home soil.

We had a great time in the US finishing up in the glamorous city of Las Vegas. Stel was both the luckiest and unluckiest member of the band when it came to gambling. He managed to win around $1200! (Then lose most of it very quickly!).

The audience at the Hard Rock were great. I think it's easier to create an atmosphere in the more intimate venues. However there were a few occasions where the Arena gigs were amazing. I think particularly in the lesser known places of America they don't get many bands coming through. So people would be queued round the block before doors. Which was great for us being the opening band playing to a full and captive audience.

It's always a funny feeling when you come back. In some ways it's like you've been away for ages but in other ways it's just like you nipped down the road for a bit. Next on the agenda is some new songs. We are going down to London to record some demos for the next album. We are hoping to start recording the album early next year. (As soon as we have got over our Christmas hangovers!). I know some of you have missed us and we thank you for the kind messages. America has had to wait a long time for us to get over so I think it's only fair they got their share.

Of course there are a number of places we didn't get to this year which we are really sorry about. We will try to make amends next time a tour is announced. I'm thinking of doing like an end of year message around Christmas time with all the highlights of the year. Maybe you could start a thread on the message board towards the end of the year with your own highlights (Starsailor related or otherwise).

Congratulations to Emma and Alan on the birth of little Toby. Obviously we can't mention every time a board member gets married or has a baby, but I'm sure you are all very familiar with Emma and Alan who have both been loyal fans and used the boards for a number of years now.

I'll be back with a Christmas message but in the meantime my advice is get your shopping done asap. Then you can relax and enjoy yourself.

All The Best


The little acoustic tour was a blast! By James Walsh, 14th December 2006

  Hi All,

I know I said my next message would be a Christmas one, but the little acoustic tour turned out to be a blast. First there was the radio station show in Seattle which included myself, Snow Patrol, Pete Yorn and the local transvestite entertainer Candice Derriere (who incidentally is a truck driver by day!).

Then it was onto San Francisco for another radio station show, this time an aftershow with Lily Allen. The crowd was superb. I'm always worried going on late at night at a club, what sort of response I will get, but this place was really cool. Miss Allen closed proceedings with a brilliant set of urban tales which she has become so famous for. Oh, I forgot to mention I was hanging out with Brandon Flowers before their set and I was pleased he remembered me from when we played with U2 together.

Another band I have to mention are 'The Raconteurs' who put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen! Then it was off to LA for the Hotel Café show. Just when I thought I couldn't meet any more international music stars, Cee-Lo from Gnarls Barkley was picking up his luggage at the airport! He was very friendly and took time to chat to anyone who approached him.

The show at the Hotel Café that evening was really good fun. I have never played so long on my own before but I was lost in my own little world. The crowd was so responsive that made it a whole lot easier.

Apart from all this we have been doing shows with Pete Yorn (In Portland and Austin). In fact we are in Austin tonight getting ready for soundcheck. I bailed out of the drinking the other night with Pete because I was shattered. But I am up for it tonight to prove to him that we can keep up with the best of them! Oh I must mention my partners in crime for this little jaunt Chris Leslie (Les) and Steve Nice who have been great company for the whole trip.

And another thing! There was a charity show which raised money for 'Gimme Shelter' at The Roxy in LA with myself, The Like and Nickelcreek to name but three. Thanks to everyone who came down it was a great show for a worthy cause.

I think that's it. Go get that Crimbo shopping done!


p.s. hello to Ben in Australia. Put another shrimp on the barbie mate!  

How was 2006 for you? By James Walsh, 22nd December 2006

  Hello All,

Well how was 2006 for you?

It's definitely been a fun-packed year for us lot. It's hard to say what was the highlight but meeting The Rolling Stones was definitely up there! One minute they were posing for photos with us and the next they were on stage! A surreal and magnificent moment. I also finally got to meet Richard Ashcroft the other day at Vernon Kay's leaving party. The Verve were definitely one of the reasons I wanted to be in a band so it was a thrill to get to speak with him.

The Teenage Cancer Trust show was great to be involved in too. We were very pleased that Roger Daltrey found a place for us on the bill at the last moment. We actually went down a night early so we could see Dicky Gervais and a host of other great comedians at the comedy night.

Gig wise the Marktrock show in Belgium was great. The good will of the crowd, the surreal line up (Sugababes, Ice-T and us!) and the fact we were headlining all combined to make it the best gig of the year for me.

Another gig we headlined was The Ripcurl thing in Newquay. In fact most of the festivals we played at night were amazing. We got to add our names to the long list of legends who have graced the stage at The Montreux Festival in Switzerland and of course we always love playing the V Festivals! Getting to spend so much time in France for another year is never a bad thing either!

And just when we thought the year was winding down we ended up finishing the year of in the US. Travelling back and forward no less than 3 times in as many months! Can't complain though we definitely had fun over there.

Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Holland and Spain we have not forgotten you! We had a good time visiting these places too. How could I forget Scotland! We made a few trips North of the border which is always fun. Oh and we played with Roger Waters the day England got knocked out of the World Cup so there were a lot of highs and lows on that occasion!

I have compiled below a list of our favourite albums and films this year and also gigs by other artists. Feel free to post your own musings on the year just passed and I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!



  • The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home (James)
  • Bruce Springsteen - The Seeger Sessions (James)
  • Kasabian - Empire (Stel)
  • Josh Rouse - Subtitulo (Ben)
  • Gnarls Barkley - St Elsewhere (James)
  • The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier (All Of Us)
  • Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat (James)
  • Damien Rice - 9 (James and Stel)
  • Guillemots - (James and Stel)


  • The Raconteurs in San Francisco (James)
  • Peeping Tom in Manchester (Stel)
  • The Flaming Lips in Montreal (Ben)
  • Gnarls Barkley in Seattle (James)
  • The Rolling Stones in Munich (All Of Us)
  • Rufus Wainwright in Barcelona (James)


  • The Departed
  • The Prestige
  • Munich
  • Good Night and Good Luck
  • Syriana
  • Borat
  • The Last Kiss
  • Babel

There were a few Sporting Highlights too but in the interests of neutrality I wont go into them!  

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