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Starsailor in-store signing

Virgin Megastore, Manchester. Tuesday 16th September 2003.
Words and Photos by Boo.

To promote the release of their second studio album Silence is Easy the previous day, Starsailor attended an in-store signing session at the Virgin Megastore on Market Street, Manchester on Tuesday 16th September 2003.

It was another event in the hectic schedule they were undertaking to support the release of the album; from a blistering live performance in the sunshine of Cardiff for BBC Radio 1's One Big Weekend, a live Top Of The Pops set, live radio sessions for Jo Whiley, Richard Allinson and Zane Lowe on the BBC and Zoe Ball's show on XFM and numerous rounds of media interviews.

The previous evening they had played London's Oxford Circus with a live set and signing session in-store at HMV and the end of the week was to see them start their own UK 11 date tour, from Glasgow to Southampton.

Fans bought copies of Silence is Easy on both CD and gatefold vinyl and queued to get them signed by the band, along with promotional posters and prints. Ben, Barry, James and Stel were kept busy signing items for over and hour and I managed to get some of the photographs in pauses in the queue, which was carefully controlled to give everyone an equal opportunity to meet Starsailor.

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Fans form a queue to get their copies of 'Silence is Easy' signed by Starsailor.  Fans wait for their CD inserts to be signed.  Starsailor pose for press photographs.  Starsailor believe in coverting their fans at a young age.  It's a nice bonus when you enjoy your work.   We can still see you Ben!  Fans are eager to see if the queue is going down yet.  We can coax Barry from behind his Hammond occasionally.  James Walsh. Ben Byrne, Barry Westhead, James Walsh and James Stelfox.  Your turn Barry, put your mark on that!  A picture of concentration.  Come on Barry, what takes you so long?  Messers Byrne, Westhead and Walsh.  The rare and elusive Westhead smile is finally captured.  Well worth the wait!! Supply your own amusing caption.  Finally, Mr Byrne keeps still - another rarity captured for posterity.

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